About Us

Desing Ltd. is a family company that operates in the field of production of delicious fruit preparations: toppings, fruit fillings and fruit pastes. The processing facility is located in Knjaževac, a fruit-growing region in Eastern Serbia, 300 km southeast of the capitol Belgrade. The close proximity of fruit growers enables a reliable supply, for the processing system, of high quality raw ingredients which are the basis of company's products. Headquarters, including sales and marketing are located in Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia. Good logistics enable quick and reliable delivery of our goods. 
We are the leading manufacturer of fruit preparation for the ice-cream, bakery, confectionery beverage and HoReCa industries in the Republic of Serbia and one the largest in the region of southeast Europe. Desing registered all fruit-based products under the name Fruit Revolution©. Our products are sold in the region of South Eastern Europe. 
Our seven principles are the foundation of our business approach. 

Desing & customers
Products that satisfy requirements and
expectation of our customers and consumers
Desing & food chain
Chain cooperation for innovation and quality assurance
Desing & employees
People are
our most valued resource
Desing & partners
Respect and good relations with suppliers and business partners
Desing & environment
Sustainable improvement of environmental performance
Desing & society
Desing & owners
Continual re-investment respecting all stakeholders


We aim to become a leader in the Balkan region delivering tailor-made products in the ice-cream, confectionery, beverage, bakery and HoReCa sector. Our motto is production and marketing of high quality, healthy and safe food, satisfying needs, requirements and expectations of our customers. In performing our work we are committed to act in compliance with legal requirements in all business dimensions. We strive to convert any challenge into our advantage.