Bake stable fruit fillings

Our fruit fillings have a fruit content up to 90%, they are made from selected raw materials with a distinct flavor and smooth texture. Excellent baking stability, freshness and volume of our fillings are characteristics that are perfect for artisan bakeries, but also for industrial application because they are also freeze/thaw stable. 

: sour cherry, apricot, raspberry, apple, forest fruit, blueberry, peach, pear, black currant, plum.

Bake stable cream fillings

Our cream fillings have good bake - stability, freeze/thaw stability, volume that remains intact through the production process of any bakery product. Due to special processing equipment of reducing size of particles to less than 5 microns, these bavarian type of fillings have a very smooth texture.

Flavors: vanilla, choco, choco-hazelnut, caramel, coconut, cheesecake

Bake stable savory fillings

These savory fillings are ideal for artisan, and also industrial application. They are stable while baking, freezing or thawing, and most importantly, they are microbiologically stable up to 3 months in a final product.

Flavors: cheese, melted cheese, Liptauer (cheese and paprika mix), Tzatziki

Fillings for donuts and cakes

These fillings are applied by injecting or spreading on the products after baking. They have a very light, smooth and creamy texture which creates a perfect mouthfeel when combined with pastry.

Flavors: vanilla, choco, caramel, sour cherry, apricot, strawberry, apricot filling for Sacher cake, creamy orange

Infused fruit in syrup

Keep the texture and mouthfeel of fresh fruits even in baked products. Sieve the fruit before adding to the dough, or simply add it directly with the syrup, which will contribute to the freshness of your delicacies. It can be also used as a surface decoration.

forest fruits, sour cherry, strawberry cubes, whole strawberries, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, pomegranate arils

PACKAGING: Thermosealed buckets, 6kg, 20kg

Infused dried fruits

Fruit infusion is our unique and patented technology. We carefully add a selected combination of glucose, fructose, or fruit concentrates to the fresh fruits. This way fruit obtains higher concentration of fruit sugars and firmer texture, keeping the nice natural shape. This fruit is superior compared to conventionally dried fruit, since it has better shape, better flavor and a much fuller taste.

Varieties: sour cherry, blueberry, black currant, pomegranate arils, cranberry

PACKAGING: Vacuum bags in cardboard boxes