We are responsible to all our stakeholders. In order to achieve our goals we identified three major stakeholders – our customers, our workers and the society.

Quality and food safety activities are directed in achieving satisfaction of our customers. That trust is important to us so we expanded our responsibility in sensory analysis, health and nutrition expanding our cooperation with scientific institutions.

Our working environment offers opportunities for career development. We aim to make our premises a great place to work. Career development is based on competence and performance, never on any type of discrimination such as age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or physical ability. We strive to engage the best and have plans how to permanently improve knowledge of our employees in the aim of achieving higher quality and safety of our products. Work discipline in Desing does not jeopardize human rights of our workers and we will strive to improve level of health and safety and protect our workers.

To understand the environmental performance of both our factory and our products, we implemented ISO 14001 and applied a life cycle approach, assessing our product categories along the value chain. Our focus on environmental sustainability is reduction of GHG emission, reduction of consumption of energy and natural resources and improving waste management striving to achieve „zero waste“.

 If you want to read more about our CSR activities in our annual CSR Report, please fill the data and download here.