In 2016, Desing has established a Center for Development, Education and innovation - Desing Taste Center (DTC).

Desing Taste Center (DTC)

The Center is located at the Science technology park Belgrade and is specially adapted for the research and development activities, practical and theoretical training courses and workshops. One of the main roles of Taste Center is the development of innovative food products and processes.

DTC team has a long-term experience in different fields of product technology, research, development and market placement of new products and has an excellent collaboration with domestic and foreign experts from Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Faculty of bioscience engineering, Ghent University from Belgium, Accredited laboratories, Academic and Senior Industry Advisors. Desing currently owns pilot plant for candied and semi-candied fruit production, vacuum cooker, colloidal mill, ball mill, laboratory line for cheese production, machine for ice cream production, mini bakery, machine for accelerated product aging and evaluation of product durability and a significant laboratory equipment necessary for monitoring and controlling the product quality.

Main Objectives and Activities

  • New Food Product Development based on client requirements
  • Development of new and innovative food products which will be offered to potential customers
  • Innovative technological processes development for various food industry sectors and its commercialization through patent sales or technology solutions.
  • Consultative services.
  • Organizing courses, summer schools and practical training for different user groups:
    - Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to increase their development capacity and competitiveness at domestic and foreign market;
    - food technology senior students, in order to enable them practical training and theoretical knowledge verification;
    - Food technologists, to gain practical skills that will help their entry into the labour market, to launch their own production companies or development of new products in their existing companies;
    - Other interested participants eager to learn more about the production and development of new food products and to participate in practical training courses in producing concrete product types.
  • Participation in programs for project development co-financed by domestic and foreign funds.

Headquarters contact
Partizanske avijacije 18a, Novi Beograd
11070 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone 1: +381 11 3131690
Phone 2: +381 11 3132094