Desing offer a wide variety of Osmotic dehydrated fruits to customers. Using TurBiCon technology we obtained fruit´s natural aroma, unique color, texture and nutritional composition.

Osmotic dehydration is an effective method for preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Using natural osmosis, we remove water from the fruit and vegetables. Then the fruit is dried on low temperature in a gentle process, where moisture content is further reduced to make the product shelf stable.

What makes Osmotic Dehydration the smarter choice for your products:

  • This process keeps vitamins and minerals inside the fruit or vegetable
  • This process also keeps natural flavor and taste of the fruit or vegetable
  • Natural appearance, fine texture and attractive color
  • But most importantly they retain most of the nutritional value of fresh fruits for extended periods of time
  • Storage life of the product is greatly enhanced
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Rich in fiber
  • Wide range of applications in the confectionery, snack, bakery, dairy and other food industries

Discover our OD fruit and make irresistible biscuits, cookies, muesli bars, protein bars, chocolate bars or a sweet of your choice.

Their addition in chocolate, biscuits, cookies, pastries etc. contribute to a better taste and visual effect but also to higher nutritive value by enriching the final product. High dry matter and low water activity of OD fruit are ideal for products that require longer and more stable shelf life. Due to its extraordinary functional and sensory characteristics, OD fruit opens up a whole range of new and value added applications in food processing industry.

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