Sensory evaluation of our products is one of our most important activities. We believe that our customers identify pleasure of our food. Our taste panel is trained to use different sensory techniques. We understand that our Sensory Panel is a very powerful development tool and by statistically mapping the expert descriptions and consumer liking, the key elements that actually drive preference we can optimize consumer needs.

Within our development program, sensory panel is used to:

  • Develop a new product from gaps in existing preference maps;
  • Determine the possibility of consumers to notice changes;
  • Understand the magnitude of changes that will get a particular consumer reaction;
  • Determine which products and concepts in a range of new ones are the most promising;
  • Determine product changes over time for shelf life evaluation;
  • Determine the effects of reformulations.’

  • Apart from the taste panel, we study consumer preferences for different types of products and industries. One of the latest sensory studies “Benchmarking of sensory attributes and consumers' acceptance of cherry fillings produced by company Desing with competitors’ products” confirmed that our fruit preparation tailored for bakery industry showed best results in relation to most of the sensory attributes related to cherry filling.

    Sensory analysis is performed in cooperation with Faculty of Agriculture - University of Belgrade.