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Mastering the taste since 1992. Not what we do, but why we do it. Not how hard the work is, but how much joy it brings.


In our case the joy and passion for mastering our products is constantly growing for almost three decades.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of fruit and cream preparations in the Balkan region isn’t another unfulfilled wish. It is a reality we work and live in.

So, before you ask us for the recipe of success, you must be aware there isn’t such thing. No shortcuts and easy ways. Just hard-working craftsmanship and taking care of every single detail.

No corporate game, suits and yuppies. No fancy offices on the 16th floor. Just a true family Tomic’s story and working uniforms, somewhere in the middle of the fruit growing region of Knjazevac.

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    Desing founded by a young couple, Miodrag and Biljana Tomić


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    We opened first product plant in the city of Knjaževac, Eastern Serbia


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    Desing moves to a new factory for production of fruit and confectionery preparations in Knjaževac


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    Desing plants the Oblačinska sour cherry plantation


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    Opening of R&D laboratory and Center in Science Taste Technology Park, Belgrade


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    Desing moves to a 10.000m2 new factory in Knjaževac with unique line for osmotic dehydration of fuit and vegetables


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    Desing is awarded as the most innovative company in Serbia


Some people say we are the masters of innovation. But let us tell you something - you don’t become a master overnight. It takes mastering to become a master.

Mastering the knowledge, the people skills, processes and resources. Mastering your purpose, what you promise and how you contribute.

Mastering the costs and negotiations. Finances and experiences. Mastering the present and preparing for the future. Mastering the innovations so that each time you bring:

The Masterpiece of Taste!