Mastering the Innovation

Desing Taste Center® (DTC) was established in 2016. and its main goal still remains to tirelessly work on pushing the industry boundaries and leading the way in innovation and continual education of not only our employees,but our partners and clients as well.

Designed as a Center for Development, Education and Innovation it is adequately located in the Science-Technology park of Belgrade and specially adapted for the needs of research and development, as well as practical and theoretical training courses and workshops.

Several innovative food products and processes have come out of DTC and allowed the Desing company to seize new opportunities on both domestic and foreign markets.

Among our valuable collaborators we count several expert individuals and institutions such as the Faculty of Bioscience engineering - Ghent University of Belgium, Faculty of Agriculture - University of Belgrade, Accredited laboratories, and academic and senior industry advisors. All of them are valuable members of our DTC and their insight and expertise is something we cherish deeply.

R&D sector

We wouldn’t be the company we are today if not for that tireless desire to develop new technologies and products and this is what made us the leader in the fruit preparation business. Research and development lie in the core of our business and it’s what drives our market strategy. We always aspire to develop new, tailor-made products in synergy with our customers because we learned that only by staying integrated with the business and aiming for real innovation, can we transform our knowledge into effective consumer solutions.

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