Desing's social responsibility is focused on production of food products in the B2B segment targeting ice-cream industry, confectionery industry, pastry and bakery and HoReCa. One of our main pillars is building a stable network of distributors and representatives in the region, Eastern Europe, EU and the Middle East.

Our motto is production of healthy, safe and high quality food, satisfying needs, requirements and expectations of our customers and all interested parties, continual improvement of quality and safety of our products and improvement of our business. Our sustainable production is based on environmental protection, improving our environmental performance, control of operations and pollution prevention. We will strive to learn from the best and share our knowledge and practices to our suppliers and customers. Our guiding idea is to build a sustainable supply chain in the entire value chain of Design business. Complaints from any interested party are welcomed and considered with care for the benefit of developing our company. The social responsibility of Design is deployed in the ethic, legal and economic responsibility for the purpose of improving quality of life by taking care of people and the Planet.

Desing will permanently improve knowledge of its employees in the aim of achieving higher quality and safety of its products. We will work on developing collective spirit and team work so that all employees experience Desing as their home and second family, giving them the freedom of association. Employees are aware of this Policy, and they are expected to fulfill it. New employees will be informed about our Policy. We will never use child labor or in any mean misuse children for our business purposes. We will not discriminate any of our workers on the ground of race, religion, gender, sexual or physical ability, political attitude or any other difference. Work discipline in Desing shall not jeopardize human rights of our workers and we will strive to improve level of health and safety and protect our workers. All forms of working discipline are only to develop Design and not for whining workers. Every worker will be appropriately compensated for its work and our salaries will be higher than average salaries in Serbia. We will promote our workers through various reward programs. In choosing external experts, Desing will strive to hire the best with highest level of expertise.

In performing our work, we are committed to act in compliance with legal requirements in all business dimensions and in order to protect the reputation of Design. We support any kind of whistleblowers in case of any fraudulent activity. We are aware of the risks in our everyday business, and we aim to solve all emergency and crisis situations causing “zero” damage to our interested parties. We believe that prevention is cheaper than compensation and better planning is a greater chance for successful overcoming of any crisis. Ignoring crisis signals is the same as causing one so we strive to convert any crisis into our advantage. Building trust takes a long time and is easy to lose.