Desing – 30 years with you

A great jubilee is upon us – 30 years of work!

When we look back, we can’t help but be proud of all those moments of hard work and quality cooperation, which we believe to be an integral part of our success.

We started out in 1992. and since then, we have been building a story based on love, trust, perseverance and dedication.

In the meantime, we were developing technologies, approach to projects, work methodologies and partnerships with other companies.

Today we are the leading manufacturer of osmotic dehydrated fruit as well as fruit preparations for ice cream, bakery, patisserie, confectionery and HoReCa industry in the Balkan region, and our creative business approach and innovations are what got us to exporting our products into 30 different countries.

For the ice-cream industry we have developed a wide range of innovative fruit preparations, for the confectionary industry – an ideal balance of ingredients for the great taste and texture. We presented to the bakery industry fruity, sweet and also savoury fillings, and for the patisserie sector we developed a new line for traditional and modern sweets.

Love which sparked the idea, has kept us together for all these years, while passion for perfecting the products is what keeps us ahead.

We are looking forward to new challenges, business ideas, partnerships and all future years of good taste.

About Us

Mastering the taste since 1992. Not what we do, but why we do it. Not how hard the work is, but how much joy it brings.

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Private Labeling

Desing successfully works on retail product concepts, available as private label products. We are a partner who can support your business and build your own brand products.

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High-quality fruit pastes for the confectionery industry meet the requirements of long shelf-life products where high Bx and low water activity are the keys to a stable system, while enriching them with natural fruity taste at the same time. Application in energy and cereal bars, cookies, chocolate, wafers or as a blending paste. Our range includes five different flavors: Oblachinska sour cherry, raspberry, strawberry forest fruit, apricot.



Desing offers a wide variety of Osmotic dehydrated fruits to customers. Using TurBiCon technology we retained fruit´s natural flavor, unique color, texture and nutritional composition. Osmotic dehydration is an effective method for the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Using natural osmosis, we remove water from them and then dried on low temperature in a gentle process, where moisture content is further reduced to make the product shelf-stable.

Crème de la crème

Crème de la crème is a new line of products, specially made for traditional and modern artisan pastry products. This line offers ten delicious and unique products, which will transform any dessert into the real Masterpiece of Taste. Besides delicious taste and great quality, Crème de la crème will maximize the aesthetic impact of any dessert, including cakes, ice cream, chocolate, semifreddos and mousses

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