Osmotic Dehydrated Fruits

Osmotic Dehydration is a natural method of preserving fruits and vegetables which implies a couple of steps. The first one consists of removing all water from them. After that fruits and vegetables are dried on a low temperature so that their natural aroma, color, texture, and most importantly – nutritional value, can be preserved in the best way possible. Reducing moisture in products to a minimum makes them shelf stable and safe for our customers.

During this process we are using TurBiCon technology which is proven to be the most effective when searching for that golden line between processing and keeping the highest quality of our products.

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The process of Osmotic Dehydration does not imply usage of any artificial ingredients nor does it show necessity for any kind of preservatives in order to keep the products fresh and tasty.

There are multiple other benefits of Osmotic Dehydration:

  • First and foremost – nutritional value and the richness of fiber in fresh fruits and vegetables is not only preserved, but rather extended.
  • Natural taste and flavor of fruits and vegetables stays untouched.
  • Natural appearance, texture and color of the product remains the same.
  • The vitamins and minerals are successfully preserved.
  • Shelf and storage life of the product is greatly extended.


There is a wide range of application for these kind of products as we see them being used in several industries:

  • Confectionary
  • Snack
  • Bakery
  • Dairy

They will enrich the taste and quality of your biscuits, cookies, muesli bars, protein bars and shakes, chocolate bars and other products, as well as elongating their shelf life and making them more stable for distribution.