Crème de la crème

Crème de la crème

Crème de la crème is a new line of products, specially made for traditional and modern artisan pastry products.

This line offers ten delicious and unique products, which will transform any dessert into the real Masterpiece of Taste. Besides delicious taste and great quality, Crème de la crème will maximize the aesthetic impact of any dessert, including cakes, ice cream, chocolate, semifreddos and mousses.

Crème de la crème brings you the essential ingredient.

Crème de Patisserie

Ready to use pastry cream, essential ingredient in many pastries and cakes, was made with high standards of careful selection of raw materials, rich with butter, milk and eggs.

This high quality cream can be combined with Crème de la crème pastes and creams, which will give the possibility to personalize any recipe.

Crème de la crème Glazes

Black Mirror - White Mirror - Orange Glaze - Red Glaze


Crème de la crème line of high quality pastes.

Pistachio Paste – This high quality pistachio paste, has beautiful green color and typical, intense taste of pistachios, without preservatives, flavors or added oils.

Almond Paste – Thanks to the careful selection of premium almonds, this paste has distinctive flavor and intense golden color. It is made without preservatives, flavors or added oils.

Crème de la crème line of high quality creams and spreads.

PralinNougat – An extraordinary rich nougat cream, with high percentage of hazelnuts, offer traditional praline flavor and creamy texture to any dessert.

Choco Hazelnut – Luxury cocoa and hazelnut cream with a smooth texture and great taste, ideal for creamy and fruity desserts.

White Choco – With the real white chocolate, cocoa butter and whole milk, this superb cream will enrich any of your desserts

Crème de la crème